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How to get here

Approximately 90% of recent arrivals to the Holy Land took place through Ben – Gurion international airport in the state of Israel. (Customs and visa formalities are under Israeli jurisdictions).
From the airport, which is located in the city of Tel-Aviv, you can take a taxi or rent a car in order to get to Bethlehem, that is about one hour far.
Palestinian-based tour operators, taxis and transportation companies also have access and can pick you up by arrangements, (we can also help you to manage this issue).
Bethlehem is settled in Palestinian Authority Area, but you need to get through Israel in order to reach it, because Palestinans do not control any borders. To enter Bethlehem you must pass through an Israeli checkpoint, where your national passport and entry visa will be checked.
During the past years of the continuous conflict Bethlehem, East Jerusalem and Jericho have been the most accessible cities in the Palestinian Authority Areas.

You need to have a valid national passport and a tourist entry visa to Israel (you can also issue an entry visa, at the airport).

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Pilgrims house and restaurant in Bethlehem, Palestine
St. Vincent Guest House
John Paul II Str., Bethlehem
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