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Some practical information on Israel / Palestine

In the land that lies between the river Jordan on the western side and the Mediterranean shore on the eastern side, and between Golan on the northern side and Negev on the southern side, live together the land of the State of Israel, and the areas of Palestinian authority sometimes also still called the Occupied Territories because of the continuous conflict.
Because of the mentioned divisions in this Holy Land and the political situation, is important that you as a tourist know how to move around and some common situation you can fall in.
The best way to move around is having your own car or bus.
It's very important that you always keep with you your valid passport and the entry Israeli visa. In fact it can happen that during your moving around the country you have to pass through a checkpoint and to be asked to show your documents.

Some areas of the Palestinian authority could have restricted time of access, so you are recommended to ask when entering the area when the passing is allowed (sometimes during the night the passing in and out to some Palestinian towns are closed).
These do not apply for Bethlehem, where the passing is usually allowed on 24 hours.

For any other information, please do not hesitate to contact us (the staff speaks English, French, Italian, Russian and Arab)


Pilgrims house and restaurant in Bethlehem, Palestine
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