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La Creche ("The cradle")

St. Vincent Guest House was built in order to absolve to the main aim of giving economical support to La Creche, the orphanage in Bethlehem managed by the Daughters of the Charity of St. Vincent de Paul.
The orphanage, which has a long history in Bethlehem, traditionally attended to welcome the orphans. Since the middle '80s it has been developing its mission, attending also social affairs of all the Palestinian Authority Areas. During this time La Creche has been upgrading the quality of the services of social help and education, thanks to some important farsighted choice, always holding the children’s care as the main point.
All the places have been rearranged in order to have wide, comfortable, nice spaces for the children and functional spaces for the staff.
The staff is high profiled: a special care was used in order to prepare it. It's important for the children always to have relations with same people, succeeding a sense of stability. The best job treatment is offered to the staff.
Just to open the children's everyday life to meet other people, the management created a kindergarten for external children. During the days all the pupils stay together, doing their activities and playing, knowing each other and sharing experiences.
At the Crèche social workers are responsible for the relations with families, especially for child's insertion in the family and problematic situations.
Many mutual enriching relationships have been establishing with the faculties of psychology and education of the University of Bethlehem: students could attend internships at the Crèche, and professors are involved in the activities and studies for children that need special therapies.
In order to improve the playing activities and to incent learning, many facilities are provided, such as specific space for game, gardens and also a swimming pool.
The Creche is a modern qualified structure and offers services for children and people from all over the Palestinian Authority Areas.

Creche could live on thanks to families' support and charity.
You can make a donation to support the children at Creche.
To learn how to do, please visit the page Support to Creche.

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St. Vincent Guest House
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